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Paper and tea store berlin

paper and tea store berlin

origins, production processes and their tasting characteristics or sample a particular tea, expertly brewed and served. You are welcome to leave any comments below. Departure point of this vocation is the brands homebase on Bleibtreustrasse. Can't wait to try all my other teas, thanks Daniel.

Instead, Paper and, tea s original presentation system encourages self-directed discovery, accessible information, immediate sensory experience and dialogue, in order to make the familiarisation with its offering of fine orthodox teas an altogether more rewarding experience. I love their ecobags, one is with all kinds of tea, the other is with "You drink coffee, I drink tea " :D. Paper and, tea teaist at one of the tea tasting stations in the Chinese and Taiwanese style of Gong-Fu. On free-standing presentation cubes outfitted with sliding drawers, the individual teas are displayed in a practical fashion with accompanying information, logically organised according to their degree of oxidation from white, to green, yellow, oolong, black, and puerh, a specialty of Chinese tea culture that remains.

It's the best drink on a dry and scorching summer day. I love coffee as well but for a cold drink, I prefer tea. You can get a cup of cold tea. You can try out their cold tea. As a big ecobag lover, I thought it was cool, after googling it, I found it's a tea shop in, berlin. Tea pot, tea bottle and accessories. D, in my opinion, nothing is better than a non-sweetened cold tea for the summer. Paper and, tea s approach extends beyond the actual store. An adjacent space hosts regular tea seminars and specialised tea tastings. Tea, p T (!steemitworldmap.524652 lat.407097 long d3scr).

This time in, berlin, I went to visit this shop in Mitte neighbourhood. So glad Rian Davidson took me in to see this fabulous store in, berlin. A mobile tea bar at public events such. Nothing like a conventional tea shop, Paper and, tea s store breaks with the traditional apothecary-like over-the-counter model, which assigns sole authority to the tea vendor and leaves the customer largely dependent on their service and advice. Have a good Monday!